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America – The…

by on May 12, 2012

America – The Public Diplomacy of Freeing the National Wealth to only the Few in the Land of the Free.



America, a country that considered itself as the richest on earth, where dreams are realised, but also a country home to close to Fifty million peoples without healthcare and living in poverty. While Wall Street keeps piling up their profits year in, year out, and can even afford to fail, and be rescued in the blink of an eye, Main Street only rely on/or wish for divine or family intervention.



Capitalism is only embraced if one wears a suit and tie, works for the corporate world or be part of the decision-making process.



Despite the richest 1 per cent owning 37 per cent ($20 trillion) of wealth, the public diplomacy flag bearers (U.S. government, the right wing media, and the corporate industry) have still manage to speak the language they speak best (America the Land of the Free – but free for who, America the country where hard work pays – to legitimise gross inequalities, America where the individual is responsible for his/her own destiny – as they bid to divide the haves-not, make them feel responsible for their lack of healthcare cover and dependence on food stamps).



The U.S. tax system now raises less from millionaires and corporations than it did 50 years ago. Thus, the state of affairs in America.









Institute for Policy Studies. (2011). We’re Not Broke, Just Twisted: Extreme Wealth Inequality in America. Available: Last accessed 4th May 2012.


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